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Easy Ways to Manage Your Arthritis Pain During Winter

October 11, 2022
Easy Ways to Manage Your Arthritis Pain During Winter

For many arthritis sufferers, winter is the worst season of the year. They spend a lot of time visiting with their pain management doctors trying to get a handle on how they feel when temperatures drop and snow starts flying. While visiting with your healthcare provider is good, there are also things you can do in between visits.

Our pain clinics are staffed by trained professionals more than willing to help you manage ongoing arthritis pain. We offer the sound advice, knowledge, and treatment options you need to take control of your healthcare so that pain doesn't control you. With all that said, keep reading to learn some easy ways to manage arthritis pain during the uncomfortable winter months:

Dress Warmly

For many people, cold temperatures are a trigger for arthritis pain. As temperatures drop, they experience more pain. What can you do? For starters, dress warmly. Wear long, heavy pants along with heavier shirts and sweaters.

It is also important to dress in layers. Layers provide more warmth while also allowing you to modify your temperature and comfort level by adding or reducing clothing. When you go outdoors, make sure to add an extra layer to protect your body against the cold.

Wrap the Affected Joints

Arthritis pain can be exacerbated when there isn't enough soft tissue support around the affected joint. An easy way to add support is to wrap the affected joint or use some sort of brace. Elastic sleeves and bandages are two very good options. If you suffer from arthritis in your knees, you can purchase knee braces online or at your local pharmacy.

In addition to providing extra support, these sorts of products also help to keep the joint warm. You win on both counts.

Get Regular Exercise

This next tip is one that seems counterintuitive. As our pain management physicians can tell you, there is a temptation among arthritis sufferers to avoid exercise because it causes pain. But here's the dirty little secret: a lack of exercise ultimately makes arthritis pain worse.

Regular exercise keeps arthritic joints looser and more limber. It also strengthens muscles, ligaments, and tendons, thereby providing arthritic joints extra support. One of the best things you can do for arthritis pain during the winter is maintain a moderate exercise regimen.

Be Careful About Your Diet

Did you know that certain types of foods can either aggravate or reduce arthritis pain? It's true. If the winter months are difficult for you, talk with your healthcare provider about modifying your diet to include more of those types of foods that can reduce inflammation, improve circulation, etc.

Combining a healthy diet with moderate exercise can really make a difference. Exercise strengthens your joints while a good diet gives your body the fuel it needs to deal with the causes of pain more effectively.

Practice Good Med Management

This final tip involves consulting with your healthcare provider. To get through the winter more comfortably, practice good med management based on a treatment plan you and your provider come up with together.

We would go one step further by encouraging you to team up with a healthcare provider open to the possibilities of plant-based medicine. As its name suggests, plant-based medicine is a more natural way to approach pain management. With the right plant-based meds and traditional treatments, you can manage arthritis pain effectively.

Winter is a fact of life here in Utah. While it is a season that arthritis sufferers don't necessarily appreciate, it can still be at enjoyed with the help of a pain management physician and the tips offered in this post.

By KindlyMD
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