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Our Mission

At KindlyMD™️️, we prioritize the patient. We integrate prescription medicine, alternative therapies, and mental healthcare to offer comprehensive, Complete Care. Our approach leverages data analysis to deepen our understanding and deliver evidence-based, personalized solutions. We strive to treat the whole person, not just their symptoms. KindlyMD puts the care back in healthcare.

Our Values

Each collaborative care team consists of a prescriber, BHC (Behavioral Health Clinician), and Care Coordinator. Our care is outcome-focused by being patient-focused.
KindlyMD is the first healthcare company of its kind to blend traditional prescriptions, behavioral health services, and alternative medicine to create custom, personalized care plans for patients.
KindlyMD tracks unique and sought-after patient data. Our database strives to be a non-opioid alternative medicine data source working to end the opioid epidemic.
KindlyMD understands the burden of the opioid epidemic on at-risk populations. KindlyMD connects low-income individuals with healthcare resources and education through its community care program, Uplift.

Your Kind of Healthcare

Our providers are focused on practical, functional healthcare using alternative treatments at an affordable rate. We empower our patients to find what works for them while providing evidence-based guidance and recommendation all along the way.

A Letter From Our Founder

I'm Tim Pickett, founder of KindlyMD. Throughout my career, I've worked in emergency medicine, trauma, and gastrointestinal surgery. There, I saw firsthand the toll that overprescribed prescription medications take on a patient's life, let alone the lives of their loved ones. Something had to change; the healthcare industry had to change.

In 2020, I started seeing and educating Med Card patients with the sole intention to provide honest, evidence-based, and practical information about plant-based medicine to the people of Utah. Along my journey to spread the good word, I’ve spent time producing educational content, and presenting in universities, medical board discussions, and continuing education programs.

It was clear to me that this lifesaving alternative treatment needed to be a part of the larger healthcare conversation in our country. Enter: KindlyMD. By empowering patients to take control of their own health through open communication about their treatment with their care team, we’ve found that nearly 88% of KindlyMD patients use less prescriptions, illicit drugs, and/or alcohol. Our patients also report feeling better in their day to day lives. We just can't ignore results like that!

KindlyMD is more than a clinic. It's a movement of patients, advocates, and providers taking back control of healthcare and is truly the first of its kind. We are developing the largest network of medical providers dedicated to helping people reduce harsh, addictive prescription medications. We believe a treatment plan should be a collaborative conversation between provider and patient and are creating a new kind of healthcare: one that’s built with YOU in mind, not the pharmaceutical companies.

KindlyMD is your kind of healthcare.

Tim Pickett, MPAS-C

News & Education

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