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We prescribe what is needed and get rid of what is not, creating treatment plans that make sense for our patients and doing our part to end America's opidemic. With a combination of prescription management, mental health services, and alternative treatment methods, KindlyMD™️ brings compassion back to healthcare.

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Our providers are focused on practical, functional healthcare using alternative treatments at an affordable rate. We empower our patients to find what works for them while providing evidence-based guidance and recommendations all along the way.

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The KindlyMD team started as advocates for plant-based medicine first & foremost. We continue to channel our passion for plant-based treatment into providing unbiased & science-based education to our community through YouTube videos, podcast interviews, blog articles & social advocacy.

A Letter From Our Founder

I'm Tim Pickett, founder of KindlyMD. Throughout my career, I've worked in emergency medicine, trauma, and gastrointestinal surgery. There, I saw firsthand the toll that overprescribed prescription medications take on patient's lives, let alone the lives of their loved ones. Something has to change — the health care industry has to change.

I started KindlyMD with the sole intention to provide honest, evidence-based, and practical information about alternative plant-based medicine to the people of Utah. Along my journey to spread the good word, I’ve spent my time producing educational content and presenting in universities, medical board discussions, and continuing education programs. By empowering patients to take control of their own health through open communication with their care team, we’ve found that over 70% of Kindly patients use less prescriptions, illicit drugs, or alcohol. Our patients also report feeling better in their day to day lives. You just can't ignore results like that!

KindlyMD is more than a clinic. It's a movement of patients, advocates, and providers taking back control of health care and is truly the first of its kind. We are developing the largest network of medical providers dedicated to helping people reduce their harsh, addictive prescription medications. We believe a treatment plan should be a collaborative conversation between provider and patient and are creating a new kind of healthcare: one that’s built with YOU in mind, not the pharmaceutical companies.

Kind regards,
Tim Pickett, PA-C

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News & Education

CBD vs THC: 10 Fast Facts to Know About Alzheimer's Right Now

Some of the patients we see here at KindlyMD are happy to get their Utah Med Cards and go on their way. They need minimal assistance from us to utilize plant-based medicines effectively. But most patients do better when medication management is included. For that reason, we make medication management a priority.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Medical Card in Utah

Obtaining a medical card in Utah is a vital step for individuals seeking access to medical canna-medicine for various health conditions. Medical canna-medicine, when prescribed by a qualified medical professional, can provide relief for a range of ailments, from chronic pain to PTSD.

Major Update: KindlyMD Complete Care Accepts Insurance and Brings Lower Cost to Patients in Utah's Medical Cannabis Program

Dear valued community, We have some thrilling news to share with you all regarding a significant leap in the world of Medical Cannabis in Utah. This change is set to transform the way many patients access Medical Cannabis and allows for more savings to patients seeking alternative care. Patients who see specific providers at KindlyMD […]

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