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Elevated Med Management

KindlyMD™️ clinics bring Medication Management out of the dark ages of overprescribing. Step into the light of collaborative care & take control of your health.
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Why Choose KindlyMD?

Our prescribers work closely with in-house Behavioral Health Clinicians to create custom, person-centered treatment plans for long-lasting relief. We can even get you a Med Card if desired.

Is KindlyMD Right for Me?

Our patients want a say in their healthcare, but love guidance from their provider to create the perfect plan. Find the ideal blend of traditional & alternative meds to reduce prescriptions over time.

What We Offer

Person-centered, primary & Complete Care
Mental Health care integrated in every visit
Medical Card recommendations
Limited urgent care services
Alternative & holistic therapies & treatments
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“Great experience and great staff. I felt welcomed and had all of my questions answered with dignity, integrity, and respect! Thank you for helping me get the help I need!”
Michael D.
“I had an excellent experience as a new patient. Friendly, knowledgable staff and a comfortable place.”
Eric G.
“Very professional and friendly. They took the time to understand my issue and offered helpful advice to find the best options for my treatment. They made me feel comfortable and able to speak freely about my situation.”
Alan R.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between KindlyMD and a traditional pain or medication clinic?

At KindlyMD, we understand that a cold turkey approach to reducing medications just doesn’t work, and many times, additional relief is needed. In addition to prescribing and helping to reduce prescription drugs, we educate our patients on alternative treatment options throughout the process.

Does KindlyMD take health insurance?

Yes! KindlyMD currently accepts certain Select Health and Medicare plans and are adding health care plans frequently. Please call for details on insurance coverage before making an appointment to ensure that we accept your specific plan.

Can I get all of my medications prescribed through my KindlyMD provider?

In addition to card recommendations, KindlyMD providers can prescribe pain medications (Percocet, OxyContin, etc.), depression and anxiety medication (Prozac, Xanax, Ativan, Lexapro, etc.), ADHD medication and stimulants (Adderrall, Vyvanse, etc.), sleep medications (Lunesta, Ambien, etc.), weight loss injections (Ozempic, Mounjaro, etc.), and erectile dysfunction medications (Viagra, Cialis, etc.), just to name a few.
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