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Good Night,
Sleep Tight

Getting quality sleep is essential for your physical and mental well-being. If you've ever asked yourself "Why can't I sleep?," let KindlyMD™ help you find a solution.
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Traditional Sleep Medicine

Patients turn to traditional sleep medications like Trazodone or Ambien to correct poor sleep hygiene or conditions like insomnia. Our Care Teams can help by regularly checking in & safely adjusting prescription dosage to get patients sleeping soundly again.

Alternative Sleep Medicine

For those who prefer to rest without reaching for a sleeping pill, alternative and plant-based medicines may help. In addition, our Behavioral Health Clinicians are here to support patients in making positive lifestyle changes & developing healthy habits.

What We Offer

Alternative & holistic therapies & treatments
Prescription Medication Management, as needed
Mental Health care integrated in every visit
Medical Card recommendations
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“The doctors I’ve seen are outstanding, helpful, and friendly. [I] sincerely appreciate their patient, friendly service.”
Crane D.
“They made me feel so welcome and understood. They made sure I had all the information I needed and gave me many opportunities to ask questions. I can’t think of a better place to continue my care.”
Eleanor F.
“The staff and providers were extremely efficient and professional. The process was very user-friendly and I would recommend them to anyone seeking these services.”
Andrew B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is insomnia?

Sleep problems like insomnia are defined as either trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, or a combination of the two. Many factors may contribute to the problem and the providers at KindlyMD can help.

How does KindlyMD treat insomnia and sleep disorders?

Ongoing insomnia and sleep disorders can often can often be treated successfully with lifestyle changes. Our Behavioral Health Clinicians help patients develop healthy habits (like sticking to a regular sleep schedule, staying active, avoiding late afternoon caffeine or naps, managing stress, etc.) to promote good sleep hygiene. If additional relief is needed, KindlyMD care providers are highly educated in traditional and alternative sleep medicine. We won’t rest until you’re rested.

Does KindlyMD take insurance?

Yes! KindlyMD currently accepts certain Select Health, Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans and are adding health care plans frequently. Please call for details on insurance coverage before making an appointment to ensure that we accept your specific plan.
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