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Yes, Backside Pain Is Common After Giving Birth

February 28, 2023
Yes, Backside Pain Is Common After Giving Birth

The KindlyMD content creation team is constantly scanning headlines looking for important medical information that might benefit our patients. We recently ran across a Romper piece discussing backside pain after giving birth. It is a fascinating piece well worth reading.

This post will discuss some of the highlights from the Romper piece. Don't worry. We won't give away the store here. You can still go read the original article if you want all the details. With that said, let's get started.

Giving Birth Is Stressful

If you have ever given birth yourself, you don't need a doctor or pain clinic telling you just how stressful the process is on the human body. It is a lot of work. Not only that, but it’s also hard work that comes with an ample supply of pain. But what about the pain that comes afterward?

Pain resulting from childbirth is generally considered acute pain. It is almost always caused by the stress of childbirth itself. The first thing new mothers should know is that any pain felt in the backside is normal. Under most conditions, it is nothing to worry about. As for the potential causes, there are plenty of choices.

Stress to the Tailbone

According to one of the doctors interviewed for the Romper piece, most pain in the backside originates in the tailbone. Pushing during labor puts tremendous stress on the tailbone. Therefore, it is not abnormal for mothers to feel backside pain immediately following the birthing experience.

Excessive pressure on the tailbone can cause inflammation. Likewise, inflammation can cause pain in the backside. Treatment options run the gamut from anti-inflammatory drugs to physical therapy and back massage. More comfortable bedding can be very helpful until the pain subsides. And yes, it will subside.

Other Possible Causes

Backside pain not related to stress on the tailbone can actually be very specific. The Romper piece mentions three other possible causes common among postpartum women. Here they are:

1. Anal Fissures

Anal fissures are not exclusive to women who have just given birth. They are actually a fairly common problem that can go undiagnosed because symptoms are not severe. That said, a woman with existing anal fissures can experience acute and sharp pains immediately after giving birth due to the stress of the exercise.

2. Hemorrhoids

Like anal fissures, hemorrhoids are a common problem across the general population. They can be aggravated by the process of giving birth due to the strenuous pushing. They can also be quite severe after an especially difficult birth. With proper self-care though, relief will eventually come.

3. Infection

The one potentially serious cause of backside pain following birth is infection. A mother can develop an infection as a result of internal tears incurred during labor. An infection can also occur after an episiotomy. Infections can be treated with prescription medications.

Normally Acute Pain

Finally, we want to encourage you with the fact that backside pain following birth is almost always acute pain that goes away in short order. Still, do not be afraid to talk to your doctor if you are concerned that your pain is too severe or abnormal in any way.

Should you develop chronic postpartum pain, there may be something else in play. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or a pain management physician as soon as you decide there is something more serious going on. Don't put it off.

Yes, pain in the backside is normal after giving birth. It is generally nothing to worry about and should resolve fairly quickly. It is just the body's response to a very stressful birthing experience. But if your pain does linger, we recommend visiting a local pain clinic like KindlyMD.

By KindlyMD
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