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How a Short Quiz Can Help Determine Medical Card Eligibility

April 4, 2023
How a Short Quiz Can Help Determine Medical Card Eligibility

Utah residents diagnosed with certain qualifying conditions are eligible to apply for Medical Cards that give them access to certain types of herbal medicines. Given that KindlyMD operates a number of pain clinics here in Utah, we can also help patients apply for their cards. One of the tools we rely on to get the process started is a short quiz designed to quickly determine Medical Card eligibility

While the quiz is only a preliminary determination, the patient completes the quiz and submits it electronically. We can determine, from the answers given, whether a patient is likely to qualify. If so, the patient can then make an appointment to see one of our qualified medical providers (QMPs).

We Need to Verify Two Things

For KindlyMD QMPs to make a Medical Card recommendation, we need to verify two things. Our preliminary quiz helps us here by giving us some basic information. A patient's answers can give us a sense of their overall health and any health problems.

Here is what we need to verify:

  • Qualifying Condition – In Utah, only certain medical conditions qualify for Medical Cards. The most common qualifying condition is pain. Pain can be either chronic (long-lasting) or acute (short-lived). For acute pain, medical professionals can recommend herbal medicine instead of writing a painkiller prescription. Surgeries and sports injuries, for example, sometimes cause acute pain, and the pain disappears as the patient recovers.
  • Appropriateness – Utah regulations mandate that we verify the appropriateness of a Medical Card. A QMP must acknowledge that the plant-based medicines Medical Cards provide access to are appropriate for the patient.

To verify these two things, our quiz asks some basic questions. One of the questions relates to the condition for which you are seeking treatment. Chronic pain is one of the options you can choose. But we also ask:

  • How long you have been experiencing the pain
  • How severe you think the pain is
  • Whether or not the pain disrupts your daily life
  • Whether or not pain affects your quality of life.

The answers you provide tell us a great deal. We can learn a lot more by sitting down and talking things over in-person, but the quiz is a very useful preliminary screening tool. It helps both KindlyMD and its patients get a better idea of whether a Medical Card is worth investigating further.

We Are HIPAA Compliant

Patients interested in visiting our QMPs to obtain their Medical Cards can complete our quiz online. It only takes a minute or so. If you are concerned about submitting information online, know that KindlyMD is HIPAA compliant. You might even notice a small seal at the bottom of the quiz designating as much.

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In a nutshell, HIPAA is a 1996 federal law that requires healthcare providers to protect their patients’ sensitive medical information.

We take every precaution possible to protect patient data. We comply with all state and federal mandates relating to collecting and storing information online. But even if the legal mandates weren't there, we would still do our best to protect our patients. Your safety and security are important to us.

Take the Quiz Today

We assume you have visited the KindlyMD website because you are looking to visit a pain management doctor. If that's the case, we encourage you to take our Utah Medical Card eligibility quiz today. It may be that getting a Medical Card isn't your best option. But perhaps it is. There's no way to know without first visiting with a QMP. Our quiz is the starting point.

Believe it or not, taking the brief quiz accomplishes a lot. It gives us vital information we need to determine whether we can help you get your card.

By KindlyMD

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