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Getting Off Pain Meds With a Utah Medical Card

May 30, 2023
Getting Off Pain Meds With a Utah Medical Card

One of the frequently asked questions we hear a lot is whether a patient can get off pain meds by getting and using a Utah Medical Card. It is asked frequently enough that we felt a post covering the topic would be appropriate. So here we go.

To start with, the types of pain medications we are referring to in this post are narcotic medications. But we don't stop there. Many of our patients are looking to get off antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, and sleeping pills as well. We cannot offer any iron-clad guarantee, but we can offer a bit of hope in plant-based treatments made available through the Utah Medical Card program.

Card Program Basics

Without getting into too much detail here, Utah's medical card program is designed to give people with qualifying conditions access to plant-based treatments they could not otherwise utilize through their GPs, family doctors, etc. The medicines are only accessible with a valid medical card.

Cards are easy enough to get. Patients need only complete an online application, visit a Qualified Medical Provider, and pay a small fee. Cards are good for one year from the date of issue. Near the end of that one-year period, patients can choose to renew or let their cards lapse. Renewal means consulting with a medical provider and paying the annual fee once again.

An Alternative to Other Medications

As for getting off pain meds, plant-based medicines are essentially an alternative. We might help a patient taking narcotic pain medications gradually wean himself of those medications with the help of plant-based treatments. The wonderful thing is that it is sometimes possible to combine plant-based treatments with other alternatives to completely eliminate the need to take prescription medications.

Again, we cannot make any guarantees that plant-based treatments will work. By the same token, clinicians cannot guarantee that traditional treatments will work either. People are different. Patients respond to all sorts of medical treatments in different ways. That is why so much of medicine seems to be trial and error. Clinicians often do not know the best way to treat a condition without trying several things and seeing how the patient responds.

A Cautious and Careful Approach

While we cannot make any ironclad guarantees, we do want to make it clear that we utilize a cautious and careful approach. Many of the prescription medications our patients are looking to wean themselves from cannot be stopped suddenly. Stopping cold turkey could expose a patient to uncomfortable side effects. Instead, it is better to gradually taper the prescription meds while introducing plant-based meds as an alternative.

Over time, and with proper monitoring by a medical provider and pharmacist, it is often possible for patients to completely wean themselves off prescription medications. And even if eliminating a prescription 100% isn't possible, patients are still able to significantly reduce the amount of medication they need to feel better.

Let's Talk About Your Medications

If you are taking prescription medications that you would rather not take and you have been diagnosed with a condition that qualifies for a Utah Medical Card, let's talk about your current treatment. We can go over the medications you use and talk about whether or not plant-based alternatives are appropriate for you.

Getting a Medical Card and using plant-based alternatives could help you to get off pain meds. We can't say for sure in a blog post of this nature, but we can offer you hope by inviting you to visit one of our clinics where you can consult with a KindlyMD provider. This is the first step in getting off those meds you don't like.

By KindlyMD
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