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Managing Pain by Reducing Prescription Pain Meds? Absolutely!

What if we told you there could be a way to manage your chronic pain by reducing your consumption of prescription pain medications? Your first thought might be that our team is crazy. If that's the case, we get it. But give us the opportunity to explain how reducing prescription pain meds can be a path toward better pain management.

Managing Pain by Reducing Prescription Pain Meds? Absolutely!

The KindlyMD approach to pain management has been described on more than one occasion as being non-traditional. That is not a bad thing. In fact, we consider such assessments a complement. Why? Because we want to be different. We designed our approach to pain management to be non-traditional. A big part of it is helping patients work toward reducing their dependence on prescription pain meds.

Cold Turkey Does Not Work

We developed our approach to pain medicine based on the understanding that certain types of prescription pain meds are not a long-term solution. At some point, patients need to stop taking them. The problem is that stopping cold turkey just does not work. Many patients trying to cut down on prescription pain meds still need some other means of pain relief.

Our clinicians can continue prescribing pain medications as needed. However, we also seek to educate patients about other options. Those options include the Utah Medical Card and access to the plant-based medicines it affords.

The idea behind educating patients about the Med Card is to offer an avenue for gradually reducing their reliance on prescription pain meds. It is entirely possible to begin a plant-based medicine regimen that allows patients to consider not taking their prescription pain meds as often. We have also seen cases in which patients stop their prescription meds altogether.

We cannot make any such guarantees for any patient in particular. All we can do is present the possibilities and educate along the way. Ultimately, each patient responds to plant-based medicines differently. We understand that. We are okay with that.

When Plant-Based Medicines Work

We have seen plant-based medicines work for a lot of chronic pain patients. And when that happens, amazing things tend to follow. Patients really do experience better pain management while simultaneously reducing their dependence on prescription meds. It is really amazing thing to see.

What we do seems foreign to so many people because we have been locked into traditional pharmacologically based medicine for such a long time. Our Western healthcare system is based entirely on the pharmacological approach. But understand that Western medicine is comparatively new.

Ancient cultures relied on plant-based medicines long before modern pharmacology ever existed. Plant-based medicines have a long and rich history behind them. That history is something we leverage on behalf of our patients. We are happy to do so because we know that plant-based medicines work.

It Starts with a Consultation

We do not want you to finish this post and assume that we have guaranteed you pain relief with plant-based medicines. We cannot make any guarantees of that nature. All we can say is that plant-based medicines are worth looking into. You can do that by scheduling your first consultation at any one of our clinics.

There is a very real possibility that plant-based medicines could offer you better pain management even while you reduce your consumption of prescription pain meds. But before we make that decision, let us start with a consultation.

The KindlyMD team is here to work with you to help you feel better. Just know that you are ultimately in control of your healthcare and any decisions you make. We are here to work with you as a partner in better pain management.

By KindlyMD
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