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What Patient-Focused Care Really Means

What Patient-Focused Care Really Means

KindlyMD is known throughout Utah for our ability to help patients obtain Med Cards for access to plant-based medicines. But we are so much more than Med Card evaluations and recommendations. We offer comprehensive care to patients dealing with pain, PTSD, and other conditions. Most importantly, our care is patient-focused.

What is patient-focused care? This post will explain our take on it. Needless to say, we don't believe “patient-focused care” is just a slogan. It is the foundation on which we operate. Our approach is vastly different from the outcome-based approach so many medical facilities are now trying to implement.

Patients Are Individuals, Not Numbers

Over a decade ago, the federal government made it clear through the Medicare and Medicaid programs that it wanted healthcare facilities to begin transitioning away from the fee-for-service model in favor of an outcome-based model. Outcome-based medicine focuses on improving patient outcomes rather than concentrating solely on how much a clinician or facility charges.

Basing healthcare on outcomes is certainly a vast improvement over the old fee-for-service paradigm, but patient-focused care is better still. Patient-focused care acknowledges that patients are individuals rather than numbers. They are people with real needs, preferences, and values. Patients are not just statistics on a computer screen.

When a healthcare provider acknowledges patient realities, the next obvious step is figuring out how to provide care that meets individual needs, preferences, and values. The end result is a philosophy of care that goes beyond disease or injury to treat the entire person.

Patient-Focused Care Is Holistic

By its very design, patient-focused care is holistic. In order to focus on the patient, a healthcare provider cannot have tunnel vision. They must consider:

  • Physical health.
  • Mental and emotional health.
  • Social circumstances.
  • Cultural backgrounds.
  • Personal beliefs and values.

Something as seemingly simple as recommending a Utah Med Card and plant-based medicine can be influenced by each of these five factors. Is plant-based medicine best for the patient's physical, mental, and emotional health? Do social circumstances and the patient's cultural background in any way inhibit getting a Med Card? How does the patient view plant-based medicines in light of personal beliefs and values?

At this point, we should explain that patient-focused care at KindlyMD goes above and beyond Med Cards and plant-based medicines. We offer Complete Care that also includes mental health services and medication management. We apply the same patient-focused model to every service we provide.

Patients Should Be in Control

The other defining characteristic of patient-focused care is the underlying goal of making sure that patients always maintain control over their own healthcare. Under both the fee-for-service and outcome-based models, clinicians remain in control. Patients might be asked for their input, but clinicians and care teams make decisions independently. We do not feel that this is the way healthcare should be.

As a patient, you know yourself best. You know exactly how you feel – both physically and emotionally. Only you know the principles and values that direct your life. So you are the only one who can make the final decisions about your care.

A Different Way to Care

As we see it, patient-focused care is a better way to provide care. If you have been looking for comprehensive care for pain, PTSD, and other chronic conditions for which your primary provider hasn't been able to help, we invite you to visit us at KindlyMD.

We believe patient-focused care is the best way to treat patients, whether that means recommending a Med Card and plant-based medicines. If you are ready for a different kind of healthcare, pay us a visit.

By KindlyMD
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