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How to Know if a Utah Medical Card Is Right for You

June 13, 2024
How to Know if a Utah Medical Card Is Right for You

The Utah Medical Card gives certain types of patients in the Beehive State access to plant-based medicines that are not normally sold in grocery store pharmacies and corner drug stores. The medicines are only available to valid card holders. The question you might be asking yourself is whether a Med Card is right for you.

Looking for the answer in a single blog post isn't the best idea. Instead, it is better for patients to sit with their medical providers and have a frank discussion. That's something we do here at KindlyMD. If you are interested in a Utah Med Card, make an appointment at any of our clinics. We would be more than happy to talk things over with you. If a Med Card is right for you, we can help you get it.

Not for Every Medical Condition

The state requires patients to consult with the medical provider before receiving a Med Card. There is a good reason for this: the plant-based medicines made available through the Med Card program are not suitable for every medical condition. Allow us to offer an example.

There is no point in taking antibiotics to fight a viral infection. Antibiotics have no impact on viruses. Likewise, plant-based medicines made available through the Med Card program do not prevent viral infections either.

Utah maintains a list of qualifying conditions associated with the Med Card. Those conditions include things like persistent pain, PTSD, and nausea. Consulting with a medical provider confirms that you have one of the conditions on the state's list. As long as this is the case, a Utah Medical Card could be considered.

An Appropriate Treatment

There is another reason state regulators want patients to consult with medical providers before getting their cards. They want to be sure that the plant-based medicines in question are an appropriate treatment for a patient's condition. That's not always a given.

A medical provider is among the most qualified professionals to help patients determine how to best treat their conditions. In some cases, traditional treatments may be more appropriate. In other cases, patients may have tried traditional treatments to no avail. Their medical providers believe that plant-based medicines are the most appropriate option.

Always remember that a medical provider's goal is to help you feel better. If your condition can be cured, doing so is the number one priority. And if it cannot, management is what medical providers shoot for. Why mention this? Because a determination of ineligibility for the Med Card doesn't mean your medical provider does not care. It just means that they believe there is a better way to treat your condition.

An Evaluation Will Answer the Question

The point of this post is to explain how you can know whether a Utah Med Card is right for you. The answer is as simple as your doctor's evaluation. A complete medical evaluation will tell you everything you need to know. It will tell you:

  • If you have a qualifying condition.
  • Whether or not plant-based medicines are appropriate.
  • Whether or not your medical provider believes you would benefit from having a Med Card.

If all three are determined to be true in your case, a Med Card is within your reach. You and your medical provider can complete your respective portions of the online application. Then you just pay the application fee and wait for your card to arrive electronically.

The Utah Medical Card is not right for everyone. Is it right for you? That is for you and your medical provider to determine together.

By KindlyMD
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