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Take Advantage of Our Ongoing Care and Dosage Adjustments

June 13, 2024
Take Advantage of Our Ongoing Care and Dosage Adjustments

Healthcare providers emphasizing complete and comprehensive care do not want to merely write prescriptions and send patients on their way. They want to provide ongoing care that accounts for changes in a patient's condition, lifestyle, and circumstances. It is the sort of care we provide here at KindlyMD.

That being the case, we encourage patients to take advantage of our ongoing care and dosage adjustments, especially when patients have their Utah Medical Cards. Dosage adjustments are an important part of continuity of care.

For the record, the Utah Med Card opens the door to plant-based medicines that cannot be accessed in any other way. The medicines are not provided through traditional prescriptions. That's why patients need a valid Med Card to take them.

Different Medicine Options

If you are new to the whole Med Card thing, you should also know that there are a variety of medicines to choose from. You will not be given a single bottle of pills with black-and-white instructions on how to use them. For that reason alone, dosage isn't an exact science.

Stopping by a pharmacy to pick up your medicines will quickly reveal that you have options. There are different products along with multiple delivery methods and a variety of doses. Your medical provider can help you make sense of it all. Likewise, the pharmacy staff can assist you.

For our part, we want to help you for as long as you continue to use your Med Card and associated medicines. We want to help you along your journey with plant-based medicines.

Modifying Your Dosage

Patients brand new to plant-based medicines through the Utah Med Card program usually don't figure out the best product and dosage on the first try. The idea is to take the least amount of medicine possible to get the relief the patient needs. But figuring it out can take time.

One of the things we recommend is keeping records. We advise patients to write down when they medicate, the dosage they take, and how they feel afterwards. This is valuable information that can help us make recommendations about dosage modifications.

Something else you might not know if you are new to the Med Card program is that delivery dosage impacts a medicine's effect and how long those effects last. Perhaps your condition calls for a higher dosage and a delivery method that relieves your symptoms nearly instantaneously. On the other hand, you might be better served by a lower dose delivered over a longer period of time.

Things Rarely Stay the Same

We offer ongoing care and dosage adjustments because we know that things rarely stay the same. How you feel today will probably not be identical to how you feel a year from now. Your condition may improve. On the other hand, it may worsen. You might be dealing with additional medical conditions years from now.

All this plays into dosage adjustments in the sense that your medications might have to be modified in order to provide continued relief. As Qualified Medical Providers (QMPs), we know that ongoing care is best for patients in the long run.

KindlyMD offers a range of services including Med Card assistance and medication management. We invite you to learn more about our services and whether they are right for you. If they are, we urge you to take advantage of our ongoing care and dosage adjustments.

By KindlyMD
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