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The Utah Med Card: What Does 'Feeling Better' Mean to You?

June 13, 2024
The Utah Med Card: What Does 'Feeling Better' Mean to You?

One of our goals in helping patients obtain their Utah Medical Cards is to help them feel better. But feeling better is subjective. It means different things to different people. There isn't necessarily a correct definition, but it is probably a good idea to have some goals in mind when you first apply for a Med Card.

A good place to begin exploring this topic is understanding that, from a medical perspective, feeling better and getting better are two different things. Feeling better is about symptoms. Getting better is about the underlying cause of those symptoms. Unfortunately, there are those medical conditions with no cures. Medical science can help a patient get better, but only to a certain degree. After that, treatment is about helping the patient feel better.

Alleviating Your Symptoms

For many of us, feeling better involves alleviating the symptoms of whatever condition is bothering us. A person with a broken arm will feel better as the pain subsides, even though it could take weeks or months for the bone to heal. Not feeling the pain of the break is an improvement over the alternative.

The medicines made available through the Utah Medical Card are not a cure for anything. But patients do rely on them to alleviate pain. If you are dealing with persistent pain, you know that any significant amount of relief can help you feel better.

Do not feel bad about wanting to alleviate symptoms. There is nothing wrong or abnormal about wanting relief. And if you're dealing with a chronic condition for which there is no cure, finding relief is a big part of your reason for seeking treatment. Embrace it.

Getting to the Root Causes

There are also those cases in which patients define feeling better as actually getting better. Persistent pain is a fitting example. In addition to Med Cards and the medicines they bring to the table, some conditions typified by persistent pain can be improved through lifestyle changes.

A person with osteoarthritis is not going to be cured by Med Card medicines. But their condition can be improved, at least in most cases, by getting regular exercise, eating right, and getting enough restful sleep. How so? Combining these three lifestyle changes can strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When they are stronger, they support the body's weight more effectively. This can help relieve osteoarthritis pain.

By strengthening the body, the patient is getting better. There may be no cure for osteoarthritis, but combining lifestyle changes with the right medicines can make an enormous difference. The patient can both feel better and get better to some degree.

Reclaiming Your Life

Many of the Utah Med Card patients we work with are looking for more than simply alleviating their symptoms. They also want to take their lives back. Some have been on other prescription medications that have made living a normal life nearly impossible. Others have been offered literally no hope for their conditions, leaving them to remain living under the control of their health.

With a Utah Medical Card, they have access to medicines that provide enough relief for them to take their lives back. That is when they truly start to feel better. They can go back to work, they can enjoy spending time with family and friends, and they can resume activities that bring them joy.

Only you can define what feeling better means to you. Here at KindlyMD, we might be able to help you along your journey with comprehensive care and assistance with your Utah Med Card.

By KindlyMD
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