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Meet the KindlyMD Care Team

KindlyMD™️ believes in letting patients guide their own wellness journey through careful collaboration with their prescriber and Behavioral Health Clinician. Our compassionate care teams work hard to help patients feel better on their terms, long term.
Tim Pickett, MPAS-C
Tim Pickett is a board-certified physician assistant and the founder of KindlyMD. In addition to being a plant-based medicine expert, Tim has years of experience in weight loss, surgery, and emergency medicine.
Dr. Jamie Bustamante, PhD
Dr. Jamie Bustamante is a licensed psychologist with over 17 years of experience in non-profit, hospital, community & private mental healthcare. She is passionate about improving the mental health & quality of life of members of her community & specializes in substance abuse disorders, PTSD & sexual trauma.
Shane Jaimez, APRN
Shane Jaimez in a nurse practictioner with over five years of experience in family practice. Shane specializes in chronic pain, bioidentical hormone replacement, weight loss, anxiety, depression, and primary care.
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Nicholas Layton, PA-C
Nicholas Layton is a highly qualified, board-certified physician assistant with years of expertise in various areas of medicine, including internal medicine, emergency medicine, plant-based treatment, and addictions.
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