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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get out of a KindlyMD membership?

For a one-time enrollment fee of $249 and monthly autopay withdrawal of $119, you can see your provider each month for check-ups, med refills, and continued treatments.

What is the difference between KindlyMD and a traditional pain or medication management clinic?

At KindlyMD, we understand that a cold turkey approach to reducing pain medication just doesn’t work, and many times, additional pain relief is needed. In addition to dispensing and helping to reduce prescription drugs, we educate our patients on (and encourage!) alternative, plant-based treatment options throughout the process.

Does KindlyMD take health insurance?

Some insurances accepted, call for details.

Can I get all of my medications prescribed through my KindlyMD provider?

We specialize in pain, ADHD, hormone, anxiety, and depression medication, but your provider can discuss additional medication options as needed for your condition.
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